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Short Selection List

Orchestral Works

Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Action / Adventure

The Circuit


Drama / Comedy / Metropolitan

Ancient Souls


Horror / Thriller

The Man on the Tower


Classical Orchestra Compositions

(Full Orchestra)

Short Index:

~ Symphonic Fantasy ~

Symphony of Sonnets


~ Ouvertures ~

The Storm

Gwenhwy the Great



~ 5 Concerts for Solo Instrument & Orchestra ~

Goleuddydd, for Violin

I Giardini di Damasco, for Violoncello

The Undescribable Blue, for Pianoforte

L'Aube et la Lune, for Oboe

Al Asad, for English Horn


~ Little Preludes for Classical & Cinematic Orchestra ~

The War of the Titans

The Forest of Dreams

The Fairy of the Woods

The Legend of the Blue Moth

The Kingdom of Moonlight


~ Suite for Orchestra ~

The Turn of the Screw


~ Arias for Soprano & Orchestra ~

The Lullaby of the Queen

The Miracle of Love

Dulcinea (La Mariposa del Beso)


Ave Maria

Manibus Date Lilia Plenis

Here Comes the Sunrise

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